Monday, 18 April 2016

Are High Heels Potential Weapons?

In a recent article of The New Day, the potential danger of high heels is escalated to a whole new level. But first, let me explain to you why high heels are girls’ best friends. Many ladies out there are willing to suffer in heels. High heels accentuate body curves; allow women to be confident and also feel powerful. To put it another way, they are some of the most popular fashion accessories in ladies’ wardrobes. “I would die before I have to put on some ballerina flats.” says Victoria Beckham.

 High heels are also associated with class, elegance and formality. In the Egyptian Ancient period, heels originated from a place of women power.
The upper-class women wore heels to separate themselves from the lower-class that walked barefoot. In the modern society, heels are a much more appropriate choice of footwear for ladies who work in professional fields such as lawyers.

High heels were described as a potential weapon in the article. Over 300 offence cases related to heels were reported since 2003 across 21 police districts in the UK while 23 districts did not contribute to the figures. The most deadly incident happened when a womanstabbed the boyfriend to death with a stiletto. Other cases include a lady got stabbed in the face by a stranger as she was misidentified, a man got struck in the eye by a drunk woman after asking whether she was alright etc.  The situations were described as “Sickening – the tip of the iceberg”.

In my opinion, we cannot blame it on high heels or the wearers. Heels wearers who attacked others could easier reach for other weapons. Anger, annoyance and hostility are reasons that people acted this way. Perhaps social media is one of the contributing factors that people are so irritable nowadays. A lot of us have the habit of making our lives transparent. Since everything we do is instantly visible on social media, we have gradually lost patience as well as privacy. Moreover, those who were attacked in this case made offenders’ easier to locate themselves as they uploaded their locations online.

Nevertheless, there are pros and cons to everything. In recent years, there were numerous controversial topics about health issues caused by wearing heels. Lower back injuries, foot, tendon problems and many more medical conditions. Yet high heels are still one of the most popular fashion must haves to a lot of people.

Here is VB again. Two very different outfits but you can see (left) how a good pair of heels can complete an outfit.

          In conclusion, a nice pair of heels completes an outfit. Not only do they empower women but also visually pleasing to wearers and others. It is important that high heels are worn sensibly. Ladies who wear high heels to work should take a seat when they can; it is also beneficial to bring a pair of flat shoes in the event of long distance walking. Regardless how careful and sensible you are, you may still get blisters wearing high heels. Having a plaster or two in the bag would be useful. 



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